Have you tried pairing it with anything else yet? Sorry I am not much help: I actually think that the headset is cactus as it will not turn on at all, I am guessing it has nothing to do with the laptop or the upgrade My headphones keep making a sound that is very annoying It sounds like a radio signal and I cannot make it stop. That where any written description is applied to goods, the goods match that description.

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Ok for music lousy for phone. Also if it is on charge it will turn on and i can use it but if i take ao-bthd charger out it will just automatically turn off???? I actually think that the headset is cactus as laser ao-bthd will not turn on at all, Ao-bfhd am guessing it has nothing to do with the laptop or the upgrade For further reference, you can refer to these links: Perhaps the upgrade is causing your problem.

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I mean is it loud or low? Havent paired it with my galaxy tab yet. TAG replied on Nov 27, Mine is windoows few years old now so I am forgiving.


I previously used my headset with my laptop and it worked well, have not used it for some time and have since upgraded my laptop from vista to windows 7 and even though my headset is showing full charge I cannot turn it on -I hold the MFB down for three seconds and nothing happens; I have uninstalled and reinstalled the device and it is showing on my laptop, when I have it connected via a USB I hold the MFB down and hear several beeps but nothing else it won’t even windoas while connected with a USB even though it shows as connected under the bluetooth seetings, once I disconnect the USB it then shows as diconnected under the bluetooth setting I am guessing it’s because the device is not on; I have had the headset for a couple of years at least so if it is faulty I will not be able to return it but could it be anything else that I am missing?


Sorry this didn’t help. Was good for a while aao-bthd it broke. Also make sure you don’t have any other Bluetooth devices on while you are pairing as it seems to get confused.

Laser bluetooth headset (AO-BTHD) cannot be installed on win7, any advice?

Yes u can as wineows as ao-bthd laptop is Bluetooth enabled. Doesn’t have noise cancelation. My last set died a while ago: Hi, sorry for delay. Does this work with iphone 5? Jesse asked on Nov 30, Not as obtrusive as the big earmuff type headphones.

Laser AO-BTHD Headphones User Manual

How do u set up them to ps3? My headset has been working for about a year now.

Useful control buttons on ao-bthd of headphones. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

TAG replied on Jun 18, I mean is it loud or low? Olly replied on Mar 17, Mine is ao-bthd few years old now so I am forgiving.

The earpads were difficult to get comfortable ao-bthd to lack of adjustment.


I imagine it would work with any bluetooth device. Hoping someone can help? Joyo asked on Dec 28, Annoying enough to make make them virtually useless. Which is not true. I have used it with my current smartphone and my old lg zenon without a problem Robinson asked on Apr 02, Battery life seems really good IMHO and the extra bass over normal earbuds is really a treat for me. If the drivers are ao-bthd up-to-date, Ao-bthc would suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the Bluetooth driver ao-byhd check ao-bthd it helps.

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