It is commonly expressed as two numbers separated by a colon, as in Graphics memory is often used by card vendors as a marketing tool. I liked the speed of the delivery because it was much faster than I anticipated. A memory card can be inserted into this slot and used to store. The main intake vents are also located underneath the S-video and VGA ports.

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Most CPUs have different independent caches, including instruction and data caches, where the data cache is usually organized as a hierarchy of more cache levels L1, L2, etc.

CAD systems and graphical user interfaces GUI allow the user to control and provide data to the computer using physical gestures by moving a hand-held mouse or similar device across the surface of the physical desktop and activating switches on the mouse. The main cooling comoaq can also be seen here.

There is also some additional heat towards the top left where the main cooling system and CPU is. Ethernet is a family of computer networking technologies for local area networks LANs and metropolitan area cokpaq MANs.

HP Compaq Presario V6120US 15.4in. (100GB, 1.6GHz, 1GB) Notebook/Laptop – RG293UA#ABA

It also really likes fingerprints. So far my mom has really liked the included HP software, especially the photo album tool.

This gives users the ability to move around within a local coverage area and still be connected to the network, and can provide a connection to the wider Internet. It is measured in clock cycles per second or its equivalent, the SI unit hertz Hz.


Vertical viewing angles are pretty narrow though. Graphics memory is often used by card vendors as a marketing tool. It is the movement of those ions within the battery which allows current to flow out of the battery to perform work.

Compaq Presario v6000z Review

Overall I was happy with its sturdiness. On this particular purchase I did not buy the BrightView screen. The notebook arrived with foam cushions on either side of its width and a box sitting atop it. If I can hear all the instruments, feel the drums, and things sound the way they do with a real orchestra then the speakers are good. Visit our network of sites: The aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height.

HP Compaq Presario VUS in. (GB, GHz, 1GB) Notebook/Laptop – RGUA#ABA | eBay

Making a significant upgrade to the hard drive to increase performance was out of the question, so I examined other models to see if I could get more RAM for almost the same price. Super Pi is a benchmarking program that forces the processor to calculate the accuracty of Pi to 2 million digits. The cache is a smaller, faster memory which stores copies of the data from frequently used main memory locations.

The terminal marked positive is at a higher electrical potential energy than is the terminal marked negative. An operating system OS is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs. One unusual thing to note with this system is that the indicator lights are very tiny and located at the bottom left of the system when open. You can also select Media Center and Professional editions for this notebook.


I was really surprised when I got the initial tracking notification and the system started its FedEx journey in China. The VZ comes in a very dark grey color. A few students in my computer science courses have these models and you can tell when their fans are revving up. The driver utilities that support the wireless do have a smaller footprint in your memory than what the Intel drivers take up.

Online and brick and mortar stores alike battled for this market segment aggressively with mostly low-spec or low-quantity systems. A display screen made with TFT thin-film transistor technology is a liquid crystal display LCDcommon in notebook and laptop computers, that has a transistor for each pixel that is, for each of the tiny elements that control the illumination of your display.

These two were priced very similar. You could hear it only if you were listening for it in a perfectly quiet room. I was surprised when I felt the weight of the power supply. Also, the buttons on the touchpad are really annoying because you have to press them down so far. I also found that propping up the left rear of the notebook also significantly helps the cooling system intake.