The driver head has a solid sound that is not distracting like many of the newer drivers and sets up well. Comments Have your say about what you just read! Its not the longest driver out there, but you can adjust. I have googled till my fingers hurt and xome up with nothing. So, before I get into my personal impressions of the driver, here’s some information on the club. Since the adjustable hosel is there to help with those issues, I rotated the hosel a couple slashes, surprisingly not the way you’d expect. So, here’s my review.

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The way hosel design dials in face angle together with lie and loft whilst the adjustable weight port enables players to optimise launch and spin using a 3-gram and a 7-gram weight, with an gram weight also available separately.

Srixon Z 545 Adjusts To Maximise Distance And Playability

Introducing the club thats about to change the game, the callaway great big bertha epic driver. On the course it shined just as brightly as I had hoped.

Sometimes srixon has Asian market only irons my s were which can make it difficult to get information on. Golfing with ned was a trip because i swear ned was the inspiration for that putt it video.

Would you like to get started? Not wide right, just moving toward the edge of the fairway. Does anyone have any specs or info on these irons? I love this club. This club makes it easy to change your ball flight without changing your swing. The club was recommended by a friend for the abillity to be adjusted. This season, the company anticipates most of its TOUR staff will be playing one of its fifth-generation Z-Star balls that were launched on Monday.


The unique molecular coating structure improves greenside spin by increasing friction adjudt the ball and club surface. The Z-Series sees Srixon moving back into golf hardware by harnessing the innovative spirit and expertise found at their Japanese Golf Science Centre where each Z-Series club is designed using proprietary Digital Impact Technology and built with a detailed focus on the precise performance of the club’s target player.

Reviews: Srixon Z-Star Driver Golf Club | eBay

Omni Tucson National Golf Resort. It is definitely forgiving and provides plenty of length. The new callaway great big bertha driver is designed to get the most distance for all golfers. Tee to Green Strokes Gained: And unlike most user-adjustable drivers, the weight kit for the club comes standard with the club – it’s stixon an extra-charge option.

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The cobra fly z feels solid and crisp, and the back center of gravity gives good forgiveness. This driver is a highly customizable, user-adjustable club.

Srixon Z Driver – IGolfReviews

Sort of predecessors to the s. Got a photo you took on your phone of a swing with a mad crazy shaft flex? Adopting one of srixon s premium ball names, the srixon z star driver features the star fitting system that enables golfers to independently adjust face angle and internal weighting.


In terms of looks, this may be the best looking driver in years and certainly the best looking new driver. Miyazaki shafts are superior to many stock shafts and this shaft was developed to maintain consistency throughout the adjustment range. When you’re considering a new driver or any club, for that matterknowing its specifications and features can be a big help.

I recently purchased adjhst 1 0. The extra weights are stored inside the handle of the wrench. Retail Partners Click For Price. The star speed, trajectory, alignment, responsiveness fitting system, says srixon, allows for up to 84 different configurations for either the nine or The Z-star line has been around for a couple years.

Sign up and ho our new golf equipment reviews and be the first to be informed about equipment on sale. Needs to offer a senior shaft. But its quite easy once you break down the club into its components.