The following messages appear briefly: Open Applications, and click Utilities. Make sure all paper fragments are removed. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. When loading paper, note the recommended print side on the paper package, and load paper accordingly. To disable disk encryption: Paper containing fibers such as cotton possess characteristics that can result in degraded paper handling.

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To link output bins: If you load the same size print media in each tray, make sure the print media is all lexmarkk same type in order to link the trays. If you are using a parallel interface, make sure you are using an IEEE compliant parallel cable.

Lexmark 30E All in One Printer User Manual

If the printer is not listed, enter the path of the printer in the text box. Navigation buttons The Up or Down buttons are used to move up and down lists.

Before loading paper, know the recommended print side of 4443-330e paper. When you are ready to print, simply share the file with Lexmark Print. Pressing the Down button at the bottom of the screen changes the screen to the next whole page. Set this from the operator panel, the printer driver, or from MarkVision Professional.


In other countries or regions, visit the Lexmark Web site at www. Avoid papers with rough or heavily oexmark surfaces. In the address line, enter the IP address of the printer you want to configure using the format: Try a sample of any labels you are considering using with the printer before purchasing a large quantity.

For more information, see Loading Letter or A4 size 4443-30d media in the short-edge feed orientation on page Go to the printer when you are ready to retrieve your confidential print job, and follow the At the printer steps on page The following messages appear briefly: The following hints can help you avoid jams: To load print media: Duplex unit Make sure the 4443–30e between the duplex unit and the printer is secure.

Lexmark is not liable for any claim by you based on a third party claim.

How To Reset Lexmark S Intuition Factory Settings | Lexmark Intuition S Support

Service messages A service message indicates printer failure that may require service. Wireless networking Finding more information about the printersee the comprehensive User’s Guide available in a Moisture content The amount of moisture in the paper affects both print quality and the ability of the printer to feed the paper properly. The use of grain long card stock is recommended. 4434-30e ports will disable function on the printer.


The WEEE logo signifies specific recycling programs and procedures for electronic products in countries of the European Union. Solving paper feed problems 99 Ledmark From ManualsPrinter. This chapter provides information on making media selections and caring for media.

The backspace is used to delete lrxmark number to the left of the cursor. The top line of the display is the header line.

Lexmark E Manuals

In the radio group, select the type of held job you want, enter a user name, and then send your job to the printer. Using the Service Center Clearing printer jams 80 Downloaded From ManualsPrinter. In some situations, however, such as concerts, compression is annoying to listeners.

Ordering a photoconductor kit When the 84 PC Life Warning message appears, you should order a new photoconductor kit.