So far this new Nvidia card has proved to be pretty nice, especially for my needs. The sound is good unless you crank up the volume all the way. This is confusing and misleading Integrated graphics for the U. The brightness is fantastic and the widescreen is appealing for watching movies and just fitting more on the screen in general. There is also a Bluetooth manager installed although as far as I can tell there is no actual Bluetooth device for it to manage.

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Andrew Peter indicated that he was experiencing some frustration trying to wirless out how to access the Express Card slot. The Screen is absolutely beautiful even compared to my 17 inch desktop LCD. Also included in the box is a recovery CD. The website states that the m45-1s69 takes up to 4 hours to recharge while off and up to 12 while on. Well, I had the same, but it turns out that the slot is non-functional.

TOSHIBA Re: Satellite MS – need driver for Ethernet Controller – TOSHIBA FORUM

The Satellite M45 certainly has features to like. Nice to know it is there if you so wish to use it however. Input and Output Ports: The new Pentium M architecture certainly does seem to be paying dividends in the performance arena.


But overall, a thumbs up on the speakers. Oh I almost forgot, the TruSurround: Toshiba Satellite M45 right-side view view larger image.

Total weight of the unit is listed as about 6 pounds. The Satellite M45 speakers are actually above par for a notebook computer. The battery life is horrible and is a major drawback.

One can only hope. I am a big fan of the Toshiba Satellite M45 display. Around the screen it wireless black which provides a nice contrast to the TruBright screen.

The color is predominantly a painted silver finish over a plastic casing. Toshiba M30 — The Predecessor to the model I now have. Left side of Toshiba Satellite M45 view larger image.

Andrew The Satellite M45 speakers are actually above par for a notebook computer. Not too many complaints at all about this notebook but if I had to be picky: The full size keyboard is certainly a nice thing to have. View our optimizing notebook performance article to learn a few tweaks for getting even better performance: I bought this notebook to use mainly for school purposes. If you apply pressure on the back of the lid you can see ripples on the display.

Toshiba Satellite M45 Full Review (pics, specs)

Dedicated graphics processors are almost always better than integrated graphics processors. Basically, the M45 can serve well as a desktop replacement with its Multitasking with several applications at once was nevert a problem.


As an architecture student I needed a notebook that could handle some quite demanding 3D applications such as Autocad, 3Dmax, Rhino, Maya, as well as a whole host of other graphics programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

Unfortunately they wieless more expensive and so kept me from buying one till this new model came out. Battery wifeless on this notebook is terrible, I actually got worse results. On the front we find the volume control, mic.

Toshiba Satellite MS ” Notebook, Intel Celeron M PSM43UP | eBay

The wireless reception has been pretty good usually picking up multiple signals and with a, b, and g it certainly has options for wherever you are.

Admittedly those numbers mean less than a pile of beans to me but the system seemed to handle anything up to the newest stuff on highest settings just fine.

The touchpad seems very good and well designed.